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        Rato Clothing Co.,Ltd.
        • About Us
        • Rato Clothing Company, Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of safety clothing and exporting. It is a fast growing company in the Chinese safety clothing industry.

          Rato Clothing was established in 1993. The main products manufactured at that time were rainwear, t-shirts, sweatshirts and winter jackets that were made of polyester and nylon fabrics. We also manufactured a line of clothing constructed using waterproof, breathable fabric. Our current production is done on four product lines in advanced facilities. The products we manufacture are of the highest quality and widely appreciated by customers in the United States and Europe. Two of our notable customers are American Airlines and Waste Management, Inc.
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        • Products
        ANSI Class 2 Reflex Fit T-shirt
        Part No.:TS-003 TS-004
        ANSI Class 2 Reflex C 100 T-shirt
        Part No.:TS-001 TS-002
        Part No.:VS-006
        ANSI Class 3 Mesh Sleeve Vest
        Part No.:VS-005
        Expandable Vest
        Part No.:VS-004
        ANSI Class 2
        Part No.:VS-003
        ANSI Class 2 Solid Polyester Breakaway Vest
        Part No.:VS-002
        ANSI Class 2 Mesh Breakaway Vest
        Part No.:VS-001
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        Add: 1-903 JiangAnMingDu, No.98 Jiangbin Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China P.C.: 350002
        Tel:0086-591-83808656 13799989368 Fax: 86-591-83805626 E-mail: ratochina@hotmail.com ratoho@ratoclothing.com